Thursday, 30 August 2012

How many cleanser does ones face need?

Here's a post about my current cleansers. Yes its plural. I have 6 different cleansers on the go at the moment.

They all function differently, some are similar consistencies and some are not.
The reason behind having 6 cleansers mainly is because I admit I am obsessed with skincare and
I prefer to use different ones at different times.

As you can see from the picture above I love French skincare. Clarins and Lancome are my favourite skincare brands.

Cleanser #1
No 7 Melting Gel Cleanser
I use when I have extra time to cleanse my face or when I feel my skin is slightly dehydrated.
It is basically a balm cleanser that transforms into a oil as you massage it into dry skin. When you add water to remove it becomes a milky cleanser. A luxurious cleanser perfect for when you want treat your skin.

Cleanser #2
Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser
As I can be prone to dry skin I would never usually use foaming cleansers as they tend to further dry out skin as they are more suitable for oily skin. This cleanser is specifically for dry or sensitive skin. Its super gentle foaming cleaner perfect for removing heavy make-up.

Cleanser #3
Clarins One-step Facial Cleanser
A brilliant water based cleanser. It contains orange extract which immediately wakes up your skin in the morning. Perfect for a quick cleanse in the morning.

Cleanser #4
Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur
Another water cleanser. This is an amazing water cleanser that can remove face, lips and even eye make-up. I like to use this in the evening to remove most of my make-up before I use a milky cleanser with a muslin cloth.

Cleanser #5
Lancome Galateis Douceur
My 2nd favourite cleanser. I use this nearly every evening and every morning. It is a rich milky cleanser that I use to remove  make-up and dirt. In the evening I cleanse twice, in the morning only once. I like to use a muslin or cotton pads with this cleanser.

Cleanser #6
Lancome Huile Eclat
Last but certainly not least. I love love love this cleanser. Its a deep cleansing oil that smells absolutely amazing. I use this every time I'm in shower. To apply you massage into dry skin and then use warm water to emulsify and remove. This is actually my third purchase of this particular cleanser. My favourite, a real treat if I do say so.

Have you used any of these cleansers?
Are there any cleansers you would recommend?



  1. ha tell me about it you can never have too many cleansers! really like the sound of the lancome Huile Eclat might have to out that on my wishlist xx

    1. hehe you should check it out Charlie its brill xx

  2. I have about 5 on the go too! I haven't tried the Lancome Huile Eclat before but it looks fab....may just have to pick up a bottle ;)