Thursday, 16 August 2012

Rose Gold Purchase

I finally done it, I've purchased a Rose Gold watch!

Those of you that follow my blog may know that I love love Rose Gold and I have wanted a Rose Gold Watch for a long time. I have purchased Rose Gold bracelets and earrings in the past few months, blogpost here.

As you can probably tell this beautiful watch is from Next. 

I have been considering purchasing one of the many Rose Gold watches available on the high street. I have actually done a blogpost on the River Island Rose Gold watches have a look here.

After much consideration decided not to purchases any of the watches from River Island and I couldn't decide. Boy was I glad I waited because two days later I bumped into this pretty piece of arm candy. I fell in love straight away and knew this was the Rose Gold watch for me.

ohh Yummy! Do you like it?
Rachel xx


  1. I got one of the River Island ones, I love it :)
    this is a beauty too! xx

  2. Love it. Ive been lusting over rose gold watches for a long time..this post makes me want to check it off my wish list right now:0
    Sara xx

  3. i share your love for the rose gold rachel! love the watch i need one in my life! x

  4. Oh that is lovely! I want a rose gold watch for my birthday, I had been looking at the River Island ones but I prefer this!