Tuesday, 12 June 2012

1000 Kisses from Rimmel

As some of you may know I was abroad recently. Myself, my family and my boyfriend planned a week away to the beautiful Algarvian town of Albuferia in Portugal. When abroad in the sunshine I love to use lip tints or stains as they have great staying power.I treated myself to a few little holidays goodies before our trip and this was one of my purchases. Rimmels Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses.

I have read many reviews on the new Rimmel Lip Tint, all mainly positive and I have to agree. 

Like many other lip tints/stains it is double sided. One side is the felt tip marker pen that applys the stain to your lips and the other side is a balm. The balm keeps your lips hydrated while the colour stays put.

I choose the shade Timeless Tango. My lips are naturally quiet pigmented so I needed a colour that had enough depth to stain my lips. This colour can pack a punch when first applied.

Non transferable formula and a pen applicator is great for precise application.

Rimmel are slowly but surely working their way up in my estimations. 
I am tempted to try out Rimmels wake-me-up foundation. 
What other Rimmel products would you recommend?

Rachel xxx


  1. I'll have to try these very nice!

    I followed your blog, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it:)

  2. Rach dont waste your money on the wake me up foundation,
    Ive read a few reports and seen it in person, its crap coverage that goes patchy after a few hrs, definitely not for us dry skinned ladies :s

  3. I'm the same in that I've always had quite a low opinion of Rimmel products (especially their famously clumpy mascaras!) but I keep hearing more and more good things about their prosucts, and so I might have to life my vendetta and try some things out!


  4. I bought one of these and then when I got it home I realised someone had been using it as a tester, doh! Lovely shade!

  5. Lip stains always seem to dry my lips out. Does the balm really keep them hydrated?

    1. My lips can dry out easily also, but if use the lipstain along with your own lip balm that you know works, you should be ok x