Friday, 22 June 2012


As some of you may know the UEFA Euro 2012 Football Championship has begun.
 I are probably thinking "why is she talking about football on a beauty blog?"  
Well I saw this as a chance to get my green nail varnish out as I am proud to be Irish.

I went for something a little different, I like to call it a....Green tip manicure?

Last but not least. A quick pic of me in our local pub watching an Ireland match. On this occasion I had green, orange and white on my nails. How Irish of me, I should have just dressed up as a leprechaun. hehe!

PS. I don't really drink Guinness but since I was doing my country proud I decided to steal my boyfs pint for the photo.

On the down side Ireland didn't win any three of the games they played :-(
O well life goes on...

Have any of you done any nail art or make-up in support for your country during special events? If so I would love to see pictures or links.

Rachel xxx


  1. Love the different spin on the French mani, inspired me to do some experiments with colours myself!


  2. Ahh love that pic of you with the guiness :) Ive never been to Ireland but I so need to! x

  3. Very cute! So simple yet effective :) x