Tuesday, 24 April 2012

FAV Spring Time Nail Varnish

Oh my, I think I have just found my favourite Nail Varnish! What a beautiful pastel  lilac colour!

Essence shade 42: Dress for a moment

Essence is an amazing affordable cosmetic brand! Their products really don't break the bank. And this nail varnish was actually on sale for 65cent in my local chemist. BARGAIN!!!

Loving it! This nail colour will definitely be a staple in my Spring wardrobe!

What do you guts think? Any other Essence lovers out there?

Rachel xx


  1. absoloutly love essence.. they also do this brilliant "eyebrow stylist set" which has a ittle brush eyebrow shadow and even little stencils so you can have the shape you want... its only €3.50 perfect for me as I spend a fortune getting my eyebrows coloured but with this i dont get them done half as much.. x

  2. Aaaahhhh it's lovely Rach I think I
    May have to cheat on my beloved Revlon and go get this ;) x

  3. Sadly, Essence isn't as readily available in the US, but I've discovered some of their great products at Ulta a few months back and I love how high quality meets affordable pricing with this line!