Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Shopping!

I just love having a free day to do nothing but potter about the shops.
As per usual I end up buying beauty goodies.

Here are a few items I picked up from Boots recently.

Broadway French Manicure false nails, Revlon Nail varnish and a Real Techniques make-up brush! 

Revlon Nail Enamel shade 005 sheer blush

I was looking for a nice nude neutral colour but to be honest this shade just comes out clear on my nails. Sheer for sure! :-) To get the desired affect I had to apply 5 coats. As you can image with drying time this took quiet a while.Sad or what!

Broadway Nails. I done a post recently where I said I rarely use French manicured false nails so after some consideration I decided it was time to try them out.

Real Techniques Blush brush! Yummy! I want to get my hands on all the brushes in this collection. Slowly but surely you can build a brilliant collection of brushes at a great price. This is my second brush as I have purchased the Stippling brush a couple of weeks ago.

What do you think of these products? Any recommendations on what Real Techniques brush I should go for next?

Rachel xx


  1. LOVE the real techniques brushes :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. Did you get the real techniques brushes in your local boots?? im on the hunt for them for ages haha x

    1. Your local Boots may be able to order them in for you. This is what I had to do when I wanted the Stippling brush. They are available in Boots in Derry if you are taking up trip up that way Jenny! :-)

  3. LOVE the realtechniques brushes! I aim to have them all too! Only got the buffing brush at the moment though, but when I have enough pennies i'm going brush shopping! :)

    Cute blog :)


    1. Thanks chic! We will get there slowly but surely :-)

      Rachel x

  4. Sligo is soooooo crap for makeup geeks! I'm really wanting to try the Real Techniques brushes but they dont stock them here -___- How do you find yours?