Saturday, 28 April 2012

TATLER Magazine.. A must have!

TATLER was founded in 1709 and there are international TATLER magazines available worldwide.

I have been collecting Irish Tatler for the last 2 years! As it is an Irish Magazine I can relate to the products, articles, events etc.


If you live in Ireland you have got to purchase this magazine!

May's Issue is "The Beauty Issue" which contains 101 best products of 2012.

I have to say I adore reading reviews, information and tips on the top products of the year.

My wishlist seems to be expanding slowly but surely :-)

Check it out!

Rachel xx


  1. Looks like it will be a great issue this month with the focus on beauty products. Enjoy!

    There isn't an Australian version of Tattler so I do enjoy picking up a copy when I am in the UK.

    I posted recently on my magazine obsession:

    1. I bought it a couple of weeks ago but I am still picking it up to have a look and make sure I have missed nothing hehe! yes I actually read your post about loving magazines, definitely an obsession ;-)