Monday, 16 April 2012

Not your usual French Manicure!

I love to wear false nails for special occasions. I never wear the French manicure type. Instead I always purchase these guys. Broadway Nails Real Life which are supposed to painted/varnished.

Here is a picture of my nails before. My nails are very brittle. They are inclined to break easily so I never reach the desired length I would actually like.

By applying the false nails it immediately lengthens my nails to long but natural length. 

A little slick of nail varnish and away we go!! I love the effect that these false nail give. They are not too long, as I always purchase the short length and they have a lovely Squoval (square/oval) shape.

What do you guys think? What Other brands of false nails are good to try out?

Rachel x

1 comment:

  1. Hate the glue that comes with broadway nails. Makes my natural nails peel!