Sunday, 8 April 2012

He-Shi Spray Tan

I attended a fashion event during the week. As I was making an appearance on stage I decided to treat myself to a spray tan. The last time I had a spray tan was nearly 6years ago for my Graduation from secondary school. I was slightly nervous so I did a little bit of research about local beauticians and the specific tanning products they used.

In the end I decided on a He-Shi Spray Tan. Quirky name or what? The creators are a mother and daughter duo, the name He-Shi stems from a play on their first names.

This tan was named one of the most popular in Ireland and the UK. I have heard a lot of good reviews about this brand.

WARNING! Scary before and after pictures! hehe!

Before He-Shi Spray Tan

After He-Shi Spray Tan.

I am so happy with the way my tan has turned out. He-Shi Spray Tan is the way forward. The formula is very light weight and does not leave a sticky residue on your skin. I found it dried veryquick and I am thoroughly pleased with the shade it has left my skin after washing away the excess tan. 
A truly Awesome Tan (if I do say so myself)

There are a whole range of He-Shi products available on-line at

Rachel x


  1. Love the before and after pictures - you can really see a difference. I love fake tan but it is such an effort to maintain that I normally get bored.

    Great post. :)


  2. That turned out awesome!!!! So jealous of your hair!

    1. Ah thanks GinaBee.. I am back to being a whitey now hehe :-(

  3. wow you look really different after He-Shi Spray Tan beautiful work.
    spray tan solution Newcastle

  4. ohh ,just discovered your blog!LOVELY!

    i need to get this!looks really good!xx

  5. Very nice post:) you are looking good:) and there is a huge difference between the photos. He-Shi Spray Tan completely changed you:)